Blackberry Brazo-Hot Climate


Blackberry Brazo is a large, attractive, and fairly firm blackberry, with a tart flavor. Its bush is very vigorous, being an upright grower that is productive and resistant to diseases. The Brazos Blackberry ripens in June to July.


Product Description

The Brazos Thorny Blackberry bush is an upright bush, originating as a Texas blackberry plant selection. The Brazos blackberry bushes are erect-growing, meaning that this blackberry plant does not require a trellis to grow on. The Brazos blackberry is sweetest when it is grown in the full sun.  This blackberry ripens in June and tastes sweet with an intense floral aroma and a soft thin skin releases juicy flavors with a jet-black color. The Brazos Blackberry plant is drought resistant. The Brazos Blackberry plants in June and July continuously produce large juicy berries with a distinctive identifiable flavor that is delicately balanced between the sweet and sour tones


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