Lagerstroemia floribunda – Malayan Crepe Myrtle



Product Description

Lagestromia Floribunda are deciduous, have a rapid growth rate, and are often seen in their multi-stemmed form. They will grow in almost any kind of soil: sand, loam or clay, although it prefers moist, well-drained soil and full sunlight. This plant is easily transplanted and is drought and alkaline tolerant, but it does have pest and disease problems. It is even possible to grow them in containers if they are watered and fertilized properly.  They will grow in partial shade, however, the best flowering will occur on plants that receive more than 6 hours of direct sun. This plant blooms from June until fall, and to promote flower bloom, it is best to trim off seed pods. Fall color is not very impressive because the tree is tropical and loses it’s leaves early. This plant can be grown as a street tree with ground cover underneath, as an espalier, or as a specimen.


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